Food, Glorious Food!

A huge, huge Happy New Year to you all on this fine day!

The sun is shining outside and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Not a sign of the Winter blues in this house at all, I’m pleased to say! I feel badly for those who suffer from the January blues at this time of year – and I really can understand them… I used to have them myself when I was a lot younger.

There are plenty of quick and lasting cures, though. Food being a top one! I’ve devised some amazing recipes for friends and family members who are currently feeling a little under the weather. Next Sunday, we’ll be having them all over for some lovely exotic dishes and a lot of wine – which should make anyone feel better! We’ll also be loading up the projector we have in our living room with a load of feel good films so it should be a great night for us all. I really love having people round our place, it’s so much fun.

I noticed a few days ago that Christmas has taken its toll on my figure, though. My belly is literally twice the size of what it was just a few weeks ago, which isn’t great. I can no longer get into my trousers! The hubby isn’t best pleased with it either! I’m starting a fruit and veg diet and basically going vegan for a little while to see if that has any positive effect on the belly and I’ll probably combine that with a substantial amount of exercise.

My daughter set up a brand new website over the holiday period too, and I’m helping her to advertise it. Have a look if you have a moment – she now offers a wonderful Spiritual service and she can carry out sessions over the phone and over Skype or Viber and so on, for clients who reside all over the world. Continue reading

Weekend of Sun, Sun, Sun!


So, as this whole week is apparently going to be incredibly warm and terribly sunny, we decided to go down to our beautiful larder and find some wonderful, juicy ingredients to create some of the recipes we found on this website from Good Housekeeping magazine. They have some truly different, yet tasty, and inspiring recipes in there! We’re planning on having a party next Saturday evening so that’ll be when I will have to cook for around 17 people and all my recipes will have to be perfect!

I used to look at Good Housekeeping Magazine recipes when I was a lot younger and always thought they were amazing and so tasty. I recall thinking that when I was old enough and had a home and kitchen of my own that I would make some of them (especially the savoury ones which are so very super yum yummy!).

The time has now come! Yes, indeed it definitely has!

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Welcome to our website!

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Lynn. I am a mum of three, we live near Manchester and we also have a great deal of animals living with us. We are a close family and recently my eldest sister moved in with us and we now have a busy, bustling home full of fun and there’s always something going on – it’s fab and definitely helps to keep me young and on my toes!

We are definitely a family of ‘foodies’. I recall the first time I heard that word and I thought – what on Earth is that?! I have now grown to really like the label and we really love being foodies.

We moved into a home with a larder a few years ago and it wasn’t until last Spring or so that we decided to finally start using it. We initially just stored some dusty old wine bottles down there but now we have huge load of food! Breads, cheeses, whisky, olives, dates, nuts, seeds and so on and forth. If you’re ever near Stockport, please let us know and we’ll happily feed you sometime! We love having company.

We thought it might be a great idea to start a food journal / general journal that we can look back on but also just really enjoy writing in and spreading around the internet to try and meet other fellow foodies – in the area might be exceptionally nice! Our locals aren’t quite as into food as we are and I have to say that a lot of pubs and bars in the area serve good, but pretty plain food. We would love to learn more Middle Eastern recipes, that would be really great! Continue reading