It’s almost November


Well, haven’t we done well with our posting! It’s almost November and the last time we posted was back in mid August! Oh dear, oh dear – tut, tut!

Well, the summarise what we have done since mid August, we have built a brand new shed at the end of the garden and we’re now in the middle of a very pricey kitchen renovation – oops! We’re waiting for the builders to be done so we can finally access the larder and have our kitchen back!

When it’s all business as usual, we will post again with pics of our fantastic new kitchen!


Our Gorgeous Little Animals / Pets

We love our animals! We have three gorgeous, teeny tiny little ickle Yorkshire Terrier puppies at the moment (looking after one for a cousin whilst she is on holiday) and two cats – strays that we collected over the past couple of years or so. The terriers names are Fluff and Butter.

Yes – strange names, I know!! But we love them so much, they are utterly gorgeous! Our cats are called Jim and Jane – hehe. Yep, cheesy, we know! But we also like to think it’s quite creative… 😉

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Testing, Testing, 1234

Hello, hello?? Testing, testing, testing,


Are we live yet? The site keeps appearing and then disappearing!!! Haha.

Intend to run this site myself as back in the day, I used to make Dreamweaver and Flash websites that were pretty good… If I may say so myself, haha. Ok, let’s publish this post and have a little looky… I’m going to try the Read More tag thing here too…!

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