Weekend of Sun, Sun, Sun!


So, as this whole week is apparently going to be incredibly warm and terribly sunny, we decided to go down to our beautiful larder and find some wonderful, juicy ingredients to create some of the recipes we found on this website from Good Housekeeping magazine. They have some truly different, yet tasty, and inspiring recipes in there! We’re planning on having a party next Saturday evening so that’ll be when I will have to cook for around 17 people and all my recipes will have to be perfect!

I used to look at Good Housekeeping Magazine recipes when I was a lot younger and always thought they were amazing and so tasty. I recall thinking that when I was old enough and had a home and kitchen of my own that I would make some of them (especially the savoury ones which are so very super yum yummy!).

The time has now come! Yes, indeed it definitely has!

I’m going to try a lot of the recipes in the ‘Comfort Food’ section and I’m also going to make some desserts that are not included on the website, but that I have mastered over the many years that I have been cooking and experimenting. Some of those will include meringues, ganache (of two different flavors – chocolate and vanilla), pancakes with dark chocolate cream and a lovely, fresh and light, not too sweet strawberry jam to smear onto home made crackers! We’ll see how I get on with that pretty large list of lovely foods!food 1




Ok, well, I will add a little update to this lovely little blog in a few days’ time 🙂 Or possibly sooner, we shall see – whenever I have the time or it takes my fancy.

In the meantime, please feel free to drool over the gorgeous image above!! I’d really love to hear any of your comments or suggestions, so please contact me here if you’d like to say hello!